Major Equipment

Picture of ICP iCAPiCap 7600 Duo ICP-OES Analyzer

We have two of these instruments. They are used to determine the concentration of several elements simultaneously on a variety of extractions and water samples. The duo view provides improved readings for trace elemental concentrations. 




Picture of LACHAT

Lachat 8500 Flow Injection Analyzer 

This instrument is a flow-injection analyzer which employs colorimetry (or turbidimetry) to determine the concentration of compounds-of-interest in liquid samples, including water and extracts from soil, plant, and other materials.  Our system is set up for quantification of  Nitrate-N, Nitrite-N, Ammonia-N, Total Nitrogen, ortho-phosphate-P, Total Phosphorus, Chloride, and Sulfate-S.


Picture of ICP-MSiCAP Q ICP-MS






Picture of Elementar Sulfur Elementar Rapid CS Cube

This instrument is used to determine the percentage of total sulfur in soil, plant, and other solid samples. Samples placed in tin capsules are injected into a high temperature combustion zone and analyzed via IR detection.




Picture of Oil ExtractorSoxtherm Rapid Extraction System

This instrument is primarily used to extract soluble oils from soybean samples. Samples are placed in filter bags within fiber capsules suspended over a solution of petroleum ether. The petroleum ether is boiled and recondensed through multiple cycles until all soluble oil has been collected at the bottom of the vessel.



Picture of C/NElementar VarioMAX C/N Analyzer 

This instrument is used for the determination of inorganic and total carbon in soil and other solid materials. For total carbon, the samples are burned at 900 degrees C in an oxygen rich atmosphere and the evolved carbon dioxide is measured by a non-dispersive infra-red detector. For organic carbon, samples are pre-treated with HCl to remove any inorganic carbonates before processing. Inorganic carbon is determined by difference between total C and organic C.


Picture of the Ion ChromatographDionex Integrion HPIC

This instrument is used for simultaneous anion analysis of Fluoride, Chloride, Nitrate, Nitrite, Bromide, Phosphate, and Sulfate in water. Detection limits for most elements are approximately 0.2 mg/l.




Picture of Elementar TOCElementar vario TOC cube

This instrument is used to measure organically and inorganically bound carbon in aqueous solutions by combustion.





Picture of NovawaveSCP Science NovaWAVE

This microwave digestion system assists with the breakdown of soil, plant, and other materials for further ICP analysis. It is also used in determining crude fiber measurements on soybeans. Each sample is monitored for temperature and pressure to ensure complete digestion of the sample. Digest methods are chosen based on the sample type and desired analysis.



Picture of GCMSShimadzu GCMS-QP2010 SE






Picture of HPLCHPLC (Alliance Waters 2695 Separations Module)







Picture of AAPerkin Elmer AAnalyst 100 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Used to determine potassium in ammonium acetate soil extracts.




Picture of ColorimeterBrinkmann PC 900 Probe Colorimeter

This instrument is used for the colorimetric determination of phosphorus in Bray and Olsen soil extracts. It uses a fiberoptic cable in conjuction with a mirrored tip to determine the absorption of light by a colored solution.